What would you do for Love?

The first season of You follows Joe, a bookseller who goes to strange lengths to lure in Guinevere Beck, an innocent hopeless romantic. Joe will do anything and everything to keep her even if it means killing one or a few people that stand in his way. They portray Joe’s character as the “perfect boyfriend”. He wants to be perfect for Beck and will do anything for her. Which starts with Benji, his first victim. After knocking him out, Joe puts him in a plexiglass box in his book store’s basement to give him time to think of what to do with him. Contrary to popular belief, Joe actually will gladly let people out of the box under very specific circumstances. Joe wanted Beck so badly that he didn’t care what he had to do and he knew that if he got rid of Benji, Beck’s heart would be wide open to him. That is all Joe ever really wanted. As the season continues you will see his violent behavior follow a pattern when he comes across problems with Beck’s friend Peach and anyone else who tries to come between their love. Personally, this was my favorite season. I felt like Joe showed that he was a good person other than being a serial killer. He helped the little boy that lived next door with his abusive step father. I was disappointed with what happened at the end with Beck because I really liked her character and I didn’t want their relationship to end. I can see why people dislike this show because it can be very gory at times. My overall opinion on season 1 is very good because of how it starts and ends. 

Season two: “I hate this city”

Joe embarked on a fresh start to Los Angeles California. Funny enough he says he hates this city. This is where he settles into an apartment complex where he meets Ellie and Deliah, the owner of the building. Joe casually decided to go to this trendy grocery store where he lays his eyes on this girl who looks self possessed and confident. He describes her by saying her “confidence comes from a higher privilege”. She seems to be a free spirit and an easygoing LA girl. He fights his urge to be with her but she knows what she wants and that’s him. She isn’t afraid to get what she wants unlike Bec in season one who never knew what she wanted. Love is the whole package which includes her brother Forty who she has a very close relationship with. Joe tries his best to accept this but also realizes he wants Love all to himself. How far will he go to achieve this? I was disappointed in season two because of how Love screwed up Joe’s plans. The good part was the plot twist at the end which defianly gave the hint that there is going to be a season three. 

Season three: Love or love? 

Joe and Love try to start fresh in​​ a “soulless wealthy suburb outside of San Francisco,” as described by Joe. It starts out with them becoming new parents and they show how rough parenthood is for them. They end up going to a marriage therapist to resolve some of their issues. Very unfortunate for Love. Joe finds his next victim: their next door neighbor, Natalie. He ends up having an affair with Natalie but it ends quickly. On the other hand, Love has an affair with Natalie’s step son, Theo (who is 19 years old). They both find out about the wrongdoings but agree to move past it because its fair. Joe unwillingly knows that Love and Theos affair was more than just that. Love has feelings for Theo and he is practically in love with her. Joe finds this out but he isn’t mad or even jealous in the slightest because he has fallen for someone else too. I guess their marriage isn’t working out after all.

Joe and Love are essentially the perfect match. You might even say soulmates. But, Joe doest like this, he doesnt want someone just like him. He embarks on his journey to Europe where he hopes to find his long lost lover.

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