The Talent Show Is Back

Grab your microphones, magic wands, and dancing shoes. This Friday, December 23rd, Longmeadow High School is putting together its first talent show in years, hosted by the Tri-M music honor society. Students are getting excited to showcase their knowledge of the arts; so expect plenty of laughs, tears, and talent.

“Expect a show full of great music and laughs”, proclaimed Tri-M musician and talent show committee member, Norah Mahoney. The talent show consists of around 11 acts, with the acts ranging anywhere from bands, solos, and even to impersonations. A first exclusive look of the lineup consists of people such as: Antonio Antonucci (11),  Taylor Wilks (10), Emma Cervasio (10), Trevi Sandberg (10), Carl Casimir (9) , Luke Liang (12), Kat Romoser (12), Jared Fritz (12), Andy Pacheco (10), Sean Fazio (10), Rachel Heo (11), Cecelia Allentuck (11), and Lily Girard (12).

Mr. Mark Staples, one of Longmeadow’s most outgoing teachers, is expected to put on a show with his band of students and teachers dubbed, “Staples & Friends”. Staples is already an established musician with his band of twenty-seven years “POALt”, which stands for party of a lifetime. “We’re gonna have Mr. Rosemond, Mr Barnett, the new music teacher and former student of mine, Rachel Heo, and Ameilia Wray, ” Mr. Staples commented about his bandmates. Staples & Friends are performing a version of “The Weight” by The Band and “I Will Survive” by Cake, truly something you don’t want to miss.

LHS sophomore and talent show committee member, Nick Christoforakis is the MC for the show, though he has done little stage-wise at Longmeadow, he is quickly becoming a star. “Announcing the acts, making sure everyone’s having a good time, seems like a good idea,” said Christoforakis. And just to reassure the show’s greatness, Christoforakis parted with a final message. “It’s gonna run great, I’ll make sure of that.”

The commitment of each act to ensure a great show is commendable. “Everyone performing is very committed and excited to share their gifts with the school,” commented Staples & Friends Bassist Amelia Wray. Wray recently won the Senior Superlative of class musician and is anticipated to put on a show. Expect a show run by passionate leaders, and committed performers.

The Longmeadow Talent Show is not just seen as an opportunity to showcase talent, but to make connections. Norah Mahoney, member of the talent show sub-committee, sees the show not just as an opportunity to help performers, but to connect with peers, “Being new at LHS has been a challenge but being in Tri-M and taking this leadership role has really helped me connect with fellow music peers.”

No matter what reason you’re in it for, the LHS talent show was made for expression and connection. Expect it all because the talent show is looking to be one of the best yet.

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