Students Go To Spain

Students In Spain Alhambra – Granada Cooking class in Madrid Chaperones in Ronda Gardens of Alcazar – Sevilla Palacio Real – Madrid Córdoba Previous Next Gloria Zhang ’21 Campus News Editor  


February Art Feature

February Art Feature Some of The Jet Jotter’s favorite art from from this month Titled: “Always With You.” “The majority of my art is very autobiographical in nature but this is one


Irish Heritage

Massachusetts boasts the highest Irish population in the United States, clocking in at 21.6% of residents claiming Irish ancestry. Junior Brendan Fitzgerald who lived in Ireland for two years tells “in Ireland


Pharma Is Corrupt

The opioid epidemic is a national problem, but it affects us too, in the past, we have unfortunately lost quite a few LHS alumni. For example, in 2016 in Longmeadow, there were

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