At a School Committee meeting held over Zoom, Mr. Landers announced that Seniors would soon be given an option to return to school 4 days a week. LCTV

Seniors Will Be Given The Option To Return To School Four Days A Week

“Seniors have lost the most, they have the least amount of time left with us,” said Principal Mr. Tom Landers at the School Committee last night, February 9th.  Superintendent Dr. Marty O’Shea and Mr. Landers announced that Seniors would receive an email this Friday letting them opt into a four day return to school, beginning March 1st.  In a meeting that began with a discussion about vaccination prospects and was dominated with debate over switching to a five foot or even three foot social distancing standard (following the example of our southern neighbors in Connecticut), the news for students wishing to return to school was overwhelmingly good.

Mr. Landers was upfront in stating that they will not be able to fit every senior.  “The thought is that not every Senior will want to return to four days,” he says.  Only students part of cohort A and B will be given this opportunity.  He said he hoped every Senior who wanted a space had one, “If every senior in cohort A and B wanted to come back, we couldn’t do that. We’re hoping it will meet in the middle and we can satisfy every senior.”

Seniors who return to school would be able to do so under the current six foot social distancing standard.

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