Longmeadow Anti-Racism Coalition Standouts

On April 16th, The Longmeadow Anti-Racism Coalition (LARC) resumed their weekly standouts. This group was formed by Erin Reed, who began these standouts originally. Over the past few months, many Longmeadow residents have joined the group in an effort to promote equality and respect for people of all races in town. Since last year, the standouts paused but resumed again last month. They are being held at the entrance to Route 91 from Longmeadow, the intersection of Route 5, Forest Glen, and Western Drive. Anyone who would like to participate in these standouts is welcome to join. They are held on Fridays from 4-6 pm. The LARC highly encourages anyone interested to join, but specifically would love more youth participation. If you wish to attend, please remember to wear a mask and social distance. For more information feel free to reach out to Stephan Platzer (sjwplatzer@gmail.com) or check out the Longmeadow Anti-Racism Coalition Facebook group. 

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