Q&A With New Faculty at LHS

Editor’s Note: Some responses were edited for clarity Ms. Heidi Drawec: Assistant Principal As an assistant principal, what do you look forward to most at the beginning of the year? It’s having

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The Talent Show Is Back

Grab your microphones, magic wands, and dancing shoes. This Friday, December 23rd, Longmeadow High School is putting together its first talent show in years,

Melanie Martinez K-12 Review

In “K12”, her sophomore album, Melanie Martinez offers her commentary on the society we live in. Her visuals are airy, interspersed with pleasing pastel

How Do Teens Spend Their Money?

Teenagers are overloaded with school and sometimes after-school activities, sports, and work. Money is valuable and precious, especially for high schoolers since their savings

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LHS Drama Club Takes On RENT

Longmeadow High School’s production of RENT is more than just an after-school activity for many students. “I started theater at a really dark time in my life. Theater and performing means playing

What would you do for Love?

The first season of You follows Joe, a bookseller who goes to strange lengths to lure in Guinevere Beck, an innocent hopeless romantic. Joe will do anything and everything to keep her

Review of Harry Styles’ “Fine Line”

As the colorful lights start to flash, an anxious audience trembles with excitement and anticipation. Out of nowhere, a mysterious, monotone voice comes over the loudspeaker causing the slew of fans to

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