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What would you do for Love?

The first season of You follows Joe, a bookseller who goes to strange lengths to lure in Guinevere Beck, an innocent hopeless

District Budget Digest

Every year the school district plans the next year’s budget.  The Longmeadow School Committee approved a new budget for Financial Year 2021 (FY21) at the school committee meeting on February 11th. They

LHS Students’ Thoughts On Impeachment

LHS Students’ Thoughts On Impeachment 146 LHS Students from the Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Classes answered to a survey. On a scale from 1-5 how sure are you about your opinion on

Combat Flip Flops

Flip flops can cure illiteracy? After serving two tours, Veterans Matthew Griffin and Donald Lee witnessed the extent of illiteracy in Afghanistan and knew that they needed to find a solution. Flips

Why Do We Support This?

On October 20, the first round of the 2019 Bolivian elections took place. On the first day of the first round, sitting president Evo Morales of the “Movement for Socialism” party won

Class Feature: Peer Leadership

Peer Leadership is an empowering course available for LHS Juniors and Seniors; it gives students leadership and group facilitation skills that they can use in both the school community and for the

Trump’s Trade War

As many of us have heard from recent news, our country doesn’t have the best relation with China… or, do we? Tweets and comments from our President, along with a contradicting series

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