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Calculus is Trivial

“Calculus is trivial”. The phrase doesn’t even make sense. How can something as quintessential to modern society as calculus be of little importance? If

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Cross Country Gets No Respect

Here we are in November, so many months after Tommy Li, arguably Longmeadow’s best ever runner, broke the school record in the

The Tragic Lack of Readers

Upon the invention of the World Wide Web in 1989 by Tim Berners-Lee,the internet has made its way into the orthodoxy of

Athletes to Watch Fall 2021

Wyatt Tallaksen Photo by Ivy Pohl Wyatt Tallaksen, a senior running back on the LHS varsity football team, finished his junior season with an impressive 239 rushing yards and two touchdowns. Thus

Cafeteria Construction Project

The huge rainstorm on the night of September 1st caused some damage in the cafeteria of LHS that needed repair, according to Mr. Paul Dunkerley, assistant principal. The following morning, the Department

New Teachers at LHS

Editor’s Note: Some responses were edited for clarity Jill Murphy: Mathematics What subject do you teach? Have you taught any other subjects in the past? When I went to college and decided

Remembering Ms. Karla Drake

The LHS community mourned the death of recently-retired English teacher, Ms. Karla Drake in August. “Ms. Drake was the type of person that didn’t wait for retirement to tackle a bucket list,”


Alumni Cope with Pandemic Disruptions

Imagine having to adapt to two separate life-changing events at the same time! Having to take on the stress from both while also trying to maintain a mentally sane, emotionally okay social

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