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Athletes to Watch Fall 2021

Wyatt Tallaksen Photo by Ivy Pohl Wyatt Tallaksen, a senior running back on the LHS varsity football team, finished his junior season with an

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What would you do for Love?

The first season of You follows Joe, a bookseller who goes to strange lengths to lure in Guinevere Beck, an innocent hopeless romantic. Joe will do anything and everything to keep her

Melanie Martinez K-12 Review

In “K12”, her sophomore album, Melanie Martinez offers her commentary on the society we live in. Her visuals are airy, interspersed with pleasing pastel color schemes, but her lyrics and music resonate

folklore – Sad, Beautiful, and Tragic.

Folkore by Taylor Swift (stylized in all lowercase) is a phenomenal musical masterpiece.  Opening the album with a piano, the 1, starts off the album with a joyful sound and vibe, the

Review of Harry Styles’ “Fine Line”

As the colorful lights start to flash, an anxious audience trembles with excitement and anticipation. Out of nowhere, a mysterious, monotone voice comes over the loudspeaker causing the slew of fans to

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