Coronavirus Cancels Halloween

With the season changing to autumn, there comes a favorite fall tradition: trick-or-treating! The Longmeadow Board of Health has discussed the event, and has come to the conclusion that, unfortunately, the risks are far too great to ignore. Trick-or-treating will not occur in Longmeadow this year.  

Longmeadow arrives at month seven of the pandemic with relatively low case numbers, a reassuring sight as students are sent back to school. However, according to the Town Manager Lyn Simmons, this is “not the time to drop our guard”.  Travel and large gatherings are still major causes of case spikes in the state. 

According to Simmons, if residents must leave town or meet with a group, stick to the guidelines. Wear a mask, social distance, self-quarantine, etc. All of these things will lower your chances of becoming infected, and they are proven to be effective!  Simmons warns that “poor judgment by one individual or a group can have catastrophic impacts to our community.”

Though the holiday may not feel quite right without its colorful costumes and sweets, “…protecting the health and safety of residents and doing what we can to stop the spread of the virus is the top priority,” says Mrs. Simmons.

For more information on Longmeadow and COVID-19, visit www.longmeadow.org/coronavirus.

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