Close Community PSA Contest

The Close Community Coalition is holding its first ever P.S.A. contest. The topic is “What is your natural high?” and the goal is to focus on healthy alternatives to using substances (sports, healthy hobbies, etc.). The submission deadline is March 31st and the award ceremony will be April 7th and aired on YouTube as well as Longmeadow Community Television. As an incentive, top vote getters will win a $50 gift certificate to The Kitchen. Please review the guidelines of the contest below for information about what to include in your video submission.

PSA Guidelines:

  • 30 seconds to 1 minute (can be shorter but not longer)
  • Send file/iMovie to to complete submission, label the email
  • with Name and title of your PSA
  • Incorporate one or several of the data points listed below
  • Prompt is “What is your natural high”, or “What are your favorite things to do above
  • the influence of drugs and alcohol?”
  • The goal is to emphasize a healthy narrative; more people don’t use substances vs.
  • people who do
  • Avoid showing anyone actually using or pretending to use any type of substance, try
  • showing healthy/positive activities or behaviors that we want to see more of
  • Sign up with one of the teachers or clubs listed below
  • Deadline for submission is March 31st
  • Winners will be decided during our Zoom award show on April 7th!
  • The best PSAs will win a gift card to The Kitchen and will receive extra credit as well
  • as volunteer hours!

Where to sign up:

  • LHS Key Club
  • LHS National Honors Society
  • Meaghan Roy

DATA to be featured in PSAs:

  • 86% of LHS Students Don’t Vape.
  • 83%  LHS Students Don’t Binge Drink. (Binge drinking is having 4 or more drinks in a
  • row (if you are female), or 5 or more drinks of alcohol in a row (if you are male)
  • 77% of LHS Students report that they do not drink regularly.
  • 54% of LHS Students report that they have not ever tried alcohol.
  • 68% of LHS Students choose exercise over using drugs and alcohol to relieve stress.
  • 7 out of 10 (67%) LHS Students choose exercise over using drugs and alcohol to
  • relieve stress.
  • 8 out of 10 (78%) LHS Students listen to music over using drugs and alcohol to relieve
  • stress.
  • 90% of LHS students report getting As and Bs in school

Tips for using your smartphone:

  • Don’t Shoot Vertical Video, record in landscape display
  • Use a tripod or place your phone in a place for a steady shot
  • Don’t use the digital zoom. You can simply walk closer your subject or do it in post-
  • production.
  • Lighting: Record in a well lit room and if outside use the sun facing your subject 
  • Audio: Keep the smart phone close to the subject that is talking or you can add a
  • voiceover in post

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