Indian Heritage

About 58,000 Indians have immigrated to Massachusetts, making up about 1.5% of the population. Though they aren’t one of the bigger ethnicities, their community is prevalent in Western Massachusetts. Just take a


Class Feature: Peer Leadership

Peer Leadership is an empowering course available for LHS Juniors and Seniors; it gives students leadership and group facilitation skills that they can use in both the school community and for the


Trump’s Trade War

As many of us have heard from recent news, our country doesn’t have the best relation with China… or, do we? Tweets and comments from our President, along with a contradicting series


Are Tardies At LHS Fair?

It’s 7:47 am and the wind hits your face as you bolt to the front doors of LHS. It’s 7:49 am when you finally rush into the building- your pounding heart and


Will It Happen Here

Nearly two years ago, a group of environmental and climate justice activists seated around a wooden table learned of a plan to construct a new pipeline running through Western Massachusetts. This Springfield


Violent Video Games And Violence IRL

Since the emergence of popular video games depicting extreme violence in the 90s, parents and politicians alike have grown increasingly paranoid of the possible effects they may have on young children. “There

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