Cafeteria Construction Project

To the left of the ceiling window is where the leak was found. As you can see, DPW patched it up and painted it over, making the repair not noticeable. 

The huge rainstorm on the night of September 1st caused some damage in the cafeteria of LHS that needed repair, according to Mr. Paul Dunkerley, assistant principal. The following morning, the Department of Public Works of Longmeadow inspected the leak. They made an eighteen-inch hole around the leak in order to prevent the growth of mildew. There was no mold found, so the production of re-sealing the hole took place. Once sealed, the former leak was painted over. The DPW made this project a priority, and as a result, it was done in two weeks. Since the damage was fixed internally, the cost to the school was negligible.  

The area of the cafeteria in which the construction took place. 

Cici Steiger '23

Centerfold Editor

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