The Jet Jotter is comprised of a team of highly motivated and creative individuals. We are the premier source of school news and announcements in the town of Longmeadow. We offer a variety of advertising space for the companies that choose to advertise with us, including print and online advertisements. No matter what your company’s goals are, we are very flexible in creating an advertising plan with you that will take your company to the next level. This can include any combination of print, online, and insert advertising.

Advertise with The Jet Jotter Online

We offer an array of online advertising space on our website. Options for ads on our website include:

  • Leaderboard ads
  • Medium/large rectangular ads
  • Skyscraper ads
  • Banner ads

See below for an example of a Rectangular Side Menu ad and Banner ad.

Banner ads are rectangular graphic displays that stretch across the top, bottom, or sides of a website. Horizontal banner advertisements on the top of the page are called leaderboard ads.

Rectangular ads are small rectangular/square ads that are positioned to the side of content on the page. Vertical banner ads are known as skyscraper ads.

Online Advertising Pricing Models

We offer four packages for our advertising sponsors:

  • Premium Plus Listing: $300/year
  • Premium Listing: $200/year
  • Standard: $100/year
  • Economy: $50/year

Our premium plus listing includes a custom video banner (leaderboard or banner) that links to your company’s website, as well as a sidebar ad (rectangular ad or vertical banner) that also links to your company’s website.

Our premium listing includes a custom banner (leaderboard or banner) that links to your company’s website, as well as a sidebar ad (rectangular ad or vertical banner) that also links to your company’s website.

Our standard listing includes a custom banner (leaderboard or banner) that links to your company’s website.

Our economy listing includes a text only listing (company name and other basic info) with a hot link to your company’s website. This could be a rectangular ad or vertical banner.

We are flexible!

Even if we do not have an ad model that suits your company, we would be happy to work with you to make a package that aligns with the advertising needs of your company. We are open to basing online ad cost off of views or clicks. In a pay per click model, which is most suitable for online businesses, companies will be charged for any number of clicks. In a pay per view model, which is most suitable for brick and mortar stores or organizations, companies will be charged for a number of clicks.

Please contact us if you have a specific pricing idea in mind.

Advertising With The Jet Jotter Print

In our print issues, we offer a variety of options to promote your company, including:

  • Inserts
  • Print Ads
  • Sponsored Stories


An insert can be taken out of the paper and typically garners more interest and exposure than printing your ad directly in the paper itself. An example of a recent insert that we printed in our January 2020 issue of the Jet Jotter:

An insert that includes two half page (8×10) advertisements, one for a local community college and one for a community organization in Longmeadow.

For a full page double-sided color inserts, our prices are as follows:

  • $370 for 1000 copies
  • $190 for 500 copies

If your company or organization has ready-made inserts, in the form of handouts, brochures, etc., then you have the option of sending them to us to have them inserted into the paper. The prices for this option are as follows:

  • $150 for 1000 copies
  • $75 for 500 copies

Print Ads

In addition to inserts, we offer the option of having your ad printed directly within the paper. We offer four different ad sizes: full page, half page, quarter page, and 1/8th page.

All tabloid advertising sizes

Price overview:

  • Full Page: $180
  • Half Page: $75-95
  • Quarter Page: $50-70
  • 1/8 Page: $25-45

Full page ads are 10×16 and cost $180. There is only one ad that can run full page in our paper. It will likely be placed towards the last 4 pages of the newspaper. It will not be in color.

Half page ads are 8×10 and cost $75 for black-and-white and $95 for color. We do not run half page ads on our first page, but we do on the centerfold, which houses the most important and highly read stories of our issue, and the last page, often referred to as the “second first page.”  Both will display your ad in stunning color.

Quarter page ads are 5×8 and cost $50 for black-and-white, $60 for color, and $70 for a first-page color ad. Color ads will run on high demand color pages (centerfold or last pages). First page color ads must be in banner format.

1/8 page ads are 4×5 and are $25 for black-and-white, $35 for color, and $45 for first page color. This is often referred to as the “business card” size.

We can design your ad and do your writing.  Give us some pointers to include and our editorial team can work with you to design an ad that fits seamlessly with our content and draws eyes. For our January 2020 issue of the Jet Jotter, we designed this ad for The Kitchen, a restaurant at the Williams Street Plaza.

Sponsored Stories

We also give businesses the opportunity to have a sponsored story written about an aspect of your company. We can send a student reporter to your business and use your purchased space to place to display their honest review of their experience.  It will be clearly stated that the review was sponsored and the reporting must be done by one of our reporters. We can also write a proper news story on a given topic, for example: a story about alumni who chose the military instead of college – sponsored by a military local recruiter, or the benefits of private tutoring – sponsored by a tutor. For our February 2019 issue, we wrote a sponsored story for the United States Marine Corps in West Springfield, Massachusetts. This story covered the experiences of Staff Sergeant Daniel Ulich, and his journey in becoming a Marine and serving in the corps.

Combined Print and Online Ad Campaign

We offer the option for your company to have both a print and online ad campaign. This is the most effective way to reach your target audience and covers the widest range of reader demographics. This option will be discounted if you commit to both the print and online campaigns, and is the recommended option by the Jet Jotter Creative for all of your advertising needs.

We seriously hope that you consider the plethora of advertising opportunities that we provide here at The Jet Jotter. We are the primary source for all your advertising needs in the Longmeadow community.