Longmeadow High School Welcomes Business Teacher, Mr. Pantuosco, as New Boys Varsity Soccer Coach


Many know Mr. John Pantuosco as a teacher in the Business Department here at Longmeadow High School. However, this fall, he took on the role of the boy’s varsity soccer coach and led them to the state championship tournament, being defeated by West Springfield in the semifinals.  Mr. Pantuosco started his coaching career at Longmeadow

Success? Rather Domination by both Cross Country Teams this Fall


Longmeadow High School’s female and male cross country teams, though separate on paper, accomplished a plethora of feats this past fall together; it was a year that distinguishes itself from all others. Both teams finished first in their leagues (PVIAC), capping off undefeated regular seasons with victories over Amherst. Both championed over all other teams

Throwback Tuesday- Is There Life After High School?- 4/29/1977


Is there life after high school? Those of us still struggling through “the best years of our lives“ certainly hope so. According to Ralph Keyes, author of Is There Life After High School?, once we arrive on the “outside“ there are vast changes and social adjustments in store for everyone from jocks to cheerleaders to

Cross Country Gets No Respect


Here we are in November, so many months after Tommy Li, arguably Longmeadow’s best ever runner, broke the school record in the mile with the time of 4:21, and yet the Track record board still hasn’t been updated. “When the best talent we have had in one of the most successful sports here at the

A True Miracle: Coach Allen’s Life Threatening Heart Attack and Road Back


Mr. Timothy Allen, Longmeadow High School Girl’s Basketball head coach and principal of Birchland Park Middle School in East Longmeadow, suffered a massive heart attack on July 24, 2021. Well-known as a bright and cheerful man, Mr. Allen inspires positive attitudes and changes for the better. He is married to Ms. Nikcole Allen, the principal

Calculus is Trivial


“Calculus is trivial”. The phrase doesn’t even make sense. How can something as quintessential to modern society as calculus be of little importance? If calculus isn’t important, why is it taught all over the world? But, that doesn’t matter. I didn’t know what the word “trivial” meant anyway. I just saw it used in a

Athletes to Watch Fall 2021


Wyatt Tallaksen Photo by Ivy Pohl Wyatt Tallaksen, a senior running back on the LHS varsity football team, finished his junior season with an impressive 239 rushing yards and two touchdowns. Thus far into his senior season, Wyatt is closing in on his previous year’s achievements as he has rushed 143 yards and scored one

The Tragic Lack of Readers


Upon the invention of the World Wide Web in 1989 by Tim Berners-Lee,the internet has made its way into the orthodoxy of everyday life. Neverbefore has history seen such a rapid advance of technology across a country,much less across the globe. By 2001, 56.3 percent of all U.S. householdshad a computer, roughly 62 percent of

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