The Experiences of Ica Mendiola: Leaving and Returning to the Philippines


Mendiola, currently a junior at LHS, spent the first eight years of her life in the Philippines, an island country in Southeast Asia. Surrounded by cousins, grandparents, friends, and other family members, she lived an enjoyable childhood. Mendiola shares a closer relationship with her cousins than most, saying that “they feel more like siblings.” However,

Scheduling Conflicts: How They Arise and How They Are Solved


At a school that offers 165 courses, with an 8-block schedule and 920 students, scheduling conflicts seem inevitable. For LHS guidance counselor Mr. Michael Rosemond, about 15% of his 200 students deal with these course conflicts every year. Many students arrive on the first day of school surprised to see that some of the classes

Where Students Get Their News: Is Social Media an Accurate News Source?


On Tuesday, October 12th, a survey was conducted during third lunch to gather data of where students get their information. A total of 145 students participated, and the results were very telling. First, the responses were split by gender identification: male, female, and other. Out of the 48 men who were surveyed, approximately 67% answered

Senior Aiden Cass is LHS’ 2022 Poetry Out Loud Champion


Senior Aiden Cass is Longmeadow High School’s sixth annual 2022 Poetry Out Loud Champion. Cass recited “Where the Wild Things Go” by D. Gilson before a panel of five judges on January 13 in the LHS auditorium. Cass will compete in the regional semifinals, with a chance to advance to the state championship in Washington,

It Doesn’t Matter How Many More Batman Movies They Make, Nothing Can Top “The Dark Night”


The second installment of the “Dark Night” trilogy is the most well-crafted superhero film I have ever seen, with superb acting that will shake you to your very core.  The Joker (Heath Ledger) is what makes this movie so watchable, despite its length. He isn’t after the same thing as most criminals. Instead, he “just

Popstar Billie Eilish knows how to get everyone in their feels


Songwriter Billie Eilish has always been in the spotlight. The teenage celebrity got famous after releasing her beautiful 2015 track, “Ocean Eyes”, chock-full of emotion and sorrow—and her fame has continued to skyrocket since.  With almost a hundred million followers on Instagram and having been the youngest person ever to receive a grammy, it’s hard

What would you do for Love?


The first season of You follows Joe, a bookseller who goes to strange lengths to lure in Guinevere Beck, an innocent hopeless romantic. Joe will do anything and everything to keep her even if it means killing one or a few people that stand in his way. They portray Joe’s character as the “perfect boyfriend”.

Melanie Martinez K-12 Review


In “K12”, her sophomore album, Melanie Martinez offers her commentary on the society we live in. Her visuals are airy, interspersed with pleasing pastel color schemes, but her lyrics and music resonate darker, rejecting certain accepted norms of our world that she finds unacceptable and creeping ever towards the sinister. “Strawberry Shortcake”, the seventh track

Review for ‘John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum’


“John Wick, fourteen million. Open contract is now in effect. All services are suspended” the SwitchBoard Operator says robotically, “And away we go” remarks Winston, with a slight pain in his eyes. In the latest chapter of the ‘John Wick’ series,  we get the wittest, most beautiful, action-packed, well choreographed, and well-written installment that the

folklore – Sad, Beautiful, and Tragic.


Folkore by Taylor Swift (stylized in all lowercase) is a phenomenal musical masterpiece.  Opening the album with a piano, the 1, starts off the album with a joyful sound and vibe, the line “I’m doing good I’m on some new sh*t” talks about moving on from a past lover. When looking deeper into the lyrics,

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