Ultimate Frisbee, A Club Sport, Faces Hurdles In The Face Of A Pandemic Year


With the 1-year anniversary of COVID-19 passing in the month of March, schools, stores, and other activities have started to open up again. Along with schools, spring sports are looking to start up two weeks after April break; however, Ultimate Frisbee is forced to undergo more complications than the normal sport. Because it does not

Pornographic Pop Ups, Shown To 4th Graders, Highlight The Difficulties of Securing Schooling Rapidly Shifting Towards More Technology


As the pandemic set in, schools suddenly had to revamp their technology infrastructure, not only to support online schooling but also to protect students and student data from internet attacks. This mammoth undertaking hasn’t been without issues.  According to the Director of Information Technology at LPS, Mr. Nicholas Jorge, just a few weeks ago, Friday,

As State Mandates A Return To School, Teachers Are Left Scrambling For Vaccine Appointments In A Stark Comparison To Connecticut’s Teacher Vaccine Distribution


As vaccine rollout continues, educators in Massachusetts have struggled to find vaccine appointments, raising questions about whether the state’s strategy is fair to teachers. In a School Committee meeting on March 9th, Committee Member Susan Bell publicly asked, “Why in a state like Connecticut can teachers get their vaccinations right on sight, and our teachers

Longmeadow Schools Will Be Returning Students To Five Days In School Learning


As the state instituted guidelines calling for a return of five-day, in-person learning in both middle and elementary schools, in Longmeadow, the high school will also be returning to five-day, in-person schooling next month.   Starting April 26th, Cohorts A and B will be phased out and two Cohorts will remain: Cohort C which will be

Longmeadow Voice Winner Brynn Cartelli Releases New Original Song “Long Way Home”


In 2018, former LHS student Brynn Cartelli won Season 14 of The Voice. This success was historic, as she was the youngest contestant ever to win the show. This week, Brynn released a new song titled “Long Way Home.” Since her 2018 win for her celebrity coach Kelly Clarkson’s team, Brynn has released four other

Close Community PSA Contest


The Close Community Coalition is holding its first ever P.S.A. contest. The topic is “What is your natural high?” and the goal is to focus on healthy alternatives to using substances (sports, healthy hobbies, etc.). The submission deadline is March 31st and the award ceremony will be April 7th and aired on YouTube as well

“Reddit Stocks” Make Their Way to LHS As Robinhood Makes Stock Trading Accessible To Students


When the stock market closed in observance of New Years’ Day, Gamestop (NYSE: GME) was trading at about $18 per share. A few weeks later, the stock was trading at an astonishing $350 per share. The sharp rise was mainly the work of those following the “Wall Street Bets” subreddit, an online group founded in

More Students Return To 4 Days at LHS As State Mandates An Overhaul For In School Instruction


This Monday, March 8th, students in 10th grade in Cohorts A and B began returning as part of a new Cohort E for four days a week in-person learning. There are now 84 seniors, 69 sophomores and 49 other students who came back for other reasons attending 4 days per week. Over the next two

Town Moderator Encourages High School Students to Participate in Town Meetings


In a public service announcement Town Moderator Rebecca Townsend encourages eligible students to participate in local democracy at the long awaited Town Meeting Sunday May 16th.

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