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Hi, my name is Emily Sangkachand, and I am a junior at LHS. Some of my hobbies are painting, volleyball, going on picnics, traveling, and writing. I am an opinions writer for The Jet Jotter and typically write about current events.

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I am a junior at LHS. I enjoy reading and studying history. I am most interested in the history of the Byzantine Empire under Justinian, Basil II, and the Komnenian dynasty. I consistently read the Lord of the Rings and Sun Tzu’s Art of War. I also take a keen interest within the Soviet Union, it’s economics, history, and it’s ideology. My favorite movies are The Lord of the Rings, Waterloo, Zulu, and Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World.

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Academically, my interests fall under languages and science, and the classes I enjoy most are French, Chemistry, and Calculus. Post high school, I would like to continue studying French as well as Biochemistry with the eventual goal of becoming a physician. Outside of school, I play the flute, row at the Pioneer Valley Riverfront Club, and captain the LHS tennis team

I love to program, make videos, and work on The Jet Jotter. I took the journalism elective sophomore year and have loved it ever since. My favorite part is reporting as well as layout parties where we drink tea and eat pizza at my house. If you have any comments on the website, reach out, I made it 🙂

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My name is Mitchell Brecht and am a junior at Longmeadow High School. I love to run and I run for the school’s cross country team as well as the outdoor track team. I love history and politics, and therefore spend a lot of my time studying those subjects. My position at The Jet Jotter is an opinions writer and the main focus of my articles is a materialist analysis of historical events and world politics.

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