Kirat Grewal '22


Passive Solar Home Projects

On Friday, May 21st, Ms. Dawn Striker’s Principles of Engineering class displayed their final team project: A Passive Solar Home Design. Students prepared a 3-D model, a floor plan, a plot plan

How To Fix Climate Change, Fairly

“There’s a lot of ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but those ways need to be fair,” says State Senator Eric Lesser of Longmeadow when talking about the issue of climate change

Town Launches LED Streetlight Conversion Project

The Town of Longmeadow recently launched the streetlight conversion project, which will switch about 1,400 street lights to high-efficiency LED fixtures. This project follows last year’s purchase of streetlights from Eversource which

Irish Heritage

Massachusetts boasts the highest Irish population in the United States, clocking in at 21.6% of residents claiming Irish ancestry. Junior Brendan Fitzgerald who lived in Ireland for two years tells “in Ireland


Indian Heritage

About 58,000 Indians have immigrated to Massachusetts, making up about 1.5% of the population. Though they aren’t one of the bigger ethnicities, their community is prevalent in Western Massachusetts. Just take a


Eastern Asian Tradition

Though there aren’t many Eastern Asian cultural centers around here, that doesn’t stop sophomore Cole Haag and his family. “Whenever we can find the time, we will go to the Asian Cultural


Former USSR Heritage

Over the years, Western Massachusetts has been a popular spot for many Eastern European immigrants. Most of them came during the fall of the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia looking for more freedom