Esther Muhlmann '20

Past Editor-In-Chief
My name is Esther and I’m the editor-in-chief of the Jet Jotter. I like running, writing, driving around in my squeaky car, drinking tea at Jet Jotter meetings and I’m really bad at cleaning my room. I’m not sure what my favorite time of day is, but it’s definitely not the morning. I used to have a magic card trick channel on youtube and I can whistle like a bird!

Lack of Racial Teacher Diversity at LHS

Longmeadow High School was ranked #1 for “Best Places to Teach in Massachusetts” in 2019 by, a popular website that rates schools, neighborhoods and companies based on data it collects. The

Student at Final Impeachment Trial

On February 5, LHS Junior Owen Dziergowski sat in a room filled with every senator in the country, some presidential candidates, and Chief Justice John Roberts. Owen was in D.C. with the

Are Tardies At LHS Fair?

It’s 7:47 am and the wind hits your face as you bolt to the front doors of LHS. It’s 7:49 am when you finally rush into the building- your pounding heart and