The Jet Jotter is Longmeadow High School’s official student-run newspaper and the only newspaper in the Town of Longmeadow. Members of the newspaper are passionate about reporting, interviewing, and writing stories to publish in editions that release every couple of months. The Jotter is composed of LHS students ranging from freshmen to seniors. Every edition is distributed school-wide and in the surrounding community of Longmeadow. While there is an online division, the Jet Jotter is mostly a print paper. All aspects of the Jet Jotter are student-led and produced by the students themselves.

We operate under Chapter 71, Section 81 of Massachusetts General Law, which allows “the right of a student to freedom of expression in the public schools of the commonwealth shall not be abridged, provided that such right shall not cause any disruption or disorder within the school”

What should you do if you want to get involved? It’s simple, follow these steps below to become part of the Jet Jotter staff:

  1. Contact any member of the current staff or email Julia Rice at jurice@longmeadow.k12.ma.us
  2. If you’re interested in making art and gathering art for issues, contact Julia Rice at jurice@longmeadow.k12.ma.us
  3. Once you get in contact with us, congratulations! You’re officially a member of LHS’s student-run newspaper.
  4. Now you’ll be writing stories as a staff writer or creating art, all while helping with the paper’s production!

What is each position responsible for?

Chief Editor: The Chief Editor is responsible for overseeing the production of the newspaper. This person organizes meetings, edits stories, and holds the highest position.

Editor: An editor is responsible for maintaining contact with staff writers to ensure stories are being written, edited on time, and put into the respected layout. The Jet Jotter is composed of the Chief, Managing, Campus News, Centerfold, Features, Opinions, and Sports Editor.

Art Editor: The art editor is responsible for getting the art necessary for each issue. They take pictures, create art pieces, and maintain contact with editors and staff writers for the art required for each story. Art editors are valued members of the Jet Jotter staff and we are always looking for more people to help with art!

Staff Writer: A staff writer is responsible for writing stories. This person interviews people for their story, writes the article, and maintains contact with the editor for their section to make edits and finalize the article. Staff writers and editors work hand in hand to create final drafts. Staff writers also make up the largest portion of the Jet Jotter and the paper wouldn’t be possible without them!

Thank you for stopping by! If you’d like to read more about us, check out the rest of our website. If you want to read more editions of the Jet Jotter, we have copies at LHS, in The Kitchen, and Storrs Library.

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