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Editorial Board

Hi, everyone! I'm a senior at LHS and am so excited to be going into my third year at the Jet Jotter as Editor-In-Chief. When I'm not writing or editing for the paper, you might find me practicing my instrument, working at the library, or getting a Starbucks drink.

Opinions Editor
I'm Jacob, the Opinions Editor for the Jet Jotter. I enjoy reading, history, and philosophy, and Boethius and Scott Joplin are my all-time favorites. I've been an editor since my freshman year.

Sports Editor
Hi! I'm Nina, a senior at LHS. This is my third year writing for the Jet Jotter. I am so excited to be your Sports Editor this year. When I'm not writing, I enjoy playing tennis, listening to music, and baking.

Photo and Art Editor
Hi, I'm Susiena, a senior at LHS, and I'm excited to be your Photo and Art Editor for the second year! If you can't find me drawing for the latest article or snapping a Campus Candid, I'll probably be hanging out with the crew team, teaching swim lessons, or just relaxing.

Managing Editor
Hi everyone, I'm Roxanne and I'm a senior at LHS. I've been a part of the Jet Jotter since freshman year, and I'm so excited to be Co-Managing Editor! Outside of the Jet Jotter, I play violin and field hockey!

Managing Editor
Hi, my name is Sophia. I am a junior and I'm so excited to be spending my third year on the Jet Jotter as co-Managing Editor. I enjoy playing volleyball and the violin.

Features Editor
Hi! My name is Liliana Hogan, and I'm a member of the class of 2023. This year, I'm the JJ's Features Editor. I enjoy writing, having fun with friends, and coffee.

Business Manager
Hey, everyone, I'm currently a senior at LHS and am ecstatic to be entering my second year as Business Manager of the Jet Jotter! Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or business inquiries.

Assistant Opinions Editor
I'm Tarun, a sophomore at LHS. I love reading and writing, and when I'm not doing that I'm either swimming or rowing.

Campus News Editor
Hi, I'm Audrey and I'm a junior at LHS. This is my second year as a part of the Jet Jotter and my first year as Campus News Editor. I am passionate about writing; aside from creating stories in my free time, I am also co-Editor in Chief of Impressions. I also have a strong interest in volleyball and science, particularly astronomy.

Centerfold Editor
Hello! I'm Cici, a senior at LHS, and this is my second year as Centerfold Editor of the JJ. I enjoy babysitting in my free time and I love to work hard in school. Most of all, I love to run, as I am on the cross country and track team.

Multimedia Editor
Hey everyone! I'm Will and this is my senior year at LHS. I'm very excited to create and produce new types of content for the Jet Jotter. In my free time, I love reading, writing, and playing basketball.


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